“The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)” by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz would really hit his stride when he dropped the Rap influences and complex lyrics of his early career to focus on his natural gift for sunny Folk-Pop, but even his early work was certainly interesting and valid. His distinctive combination of acoustic Folk and Rap on songs like this was a direct influence at Ed Sheeran’s wildly successful attempts at the same thing in later years, and while this song’s lyrics may not make a lot of sense if you parse them literally, they still have a certain fascination as pure stream-of-consciousness sound. This may not be an achievement on the level of “I’m Yours” or Mraz’s other late-career work, but it’s still a genuinely unique stylistic experiment that broke important ground in terms of blending two seemingly incompatible genres, and it proves that Mraz had obvious potential even at the beginning of his career.

Verdict: Good.

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