“You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” by Elvis

Dave Barry coined the term “Weenie Songs” to describe melodramatic, self-pitying love ballads (particularly those sung by males), but the thing is, certain performers, particularly Frank Sinatra and Elvis, can sing songs like that all the time and never come off as “Weenies” at all, because their manly charisma and dignity is so ironclad that no amount of self-pity can besmirch it. Of course, it helps that the song, an ambitious, nigh-operatic proto-Art Rock gem in the same vein as “Unchained Melody”, has the weight and impact as a composition to back up Elvis’ eloquent interpretation of it, which is why Dusty Springfield’s rendition of the same song, while a lot more overtly self-pitying and desperate, was also quite emotionally effective.

Verdict: Good.

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