“Deuces” by Chris Brown, Tyga and Kevin McCall

I don’t honestly care that much that Chris Brown is a domestic abuser—I’ve grown some pretty impressive callouses when it comes to entertainers who are terrible people. That said, I do care that Chris Brown is, on the whole, an appallingly terrible musician. This song features the repellent personality he generally brings to his self-penned lyrics, which may or may not say something about him as a person but is bad writing either way, and it offers some even worse lyrics on the part of guest rapper Kevin McCall, who is so flippantly inappropriate you wonder if he was raised by animals and just doesn’t get human civilization. But more importantly, it perfectly highlights the Number One problem with Chris Brown’s songwriting…his utter ineptitude as a composer of music, displayed here in the dreary tunelessness of this utterly lifeless and unpleasant song. This song at least actually sounds like a piece of music rather than a malfunctioning machine, in contrast to his last hit, “I Can Transform Ya”, but that’s about all you can say about it. The beat and melody are so terrible in themselves that I’m more amazed that anyone liked this song based on them than on Brown’s personal scandal or the ugliness of the lyrical content, and I cannot for the life of me understand why this of all Chris Brown’s singles gave him his career back.

Verdict: Bad.

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