“Peacock” by Katy Perry

One of the reasons I’m skeptical about Katy Perry’s claims to be a singer-songwriter is that the people writing her singles (at least on her early albums) were obviously not the same people writing her album tracks. This is basically a piece of incredibly lazy album filler, seemingly just like any of the schlock ‘singles artists’ fill out their albums with after the singles are finished…it’s just that this one somehow turned out to be so mesmerizingly bad that, like the Youtube meme songs, it became notorious and even legendary without any kind of deliberate promotion, simply because everyone was showing it to their friends to give them a good laugh at how awful it was. At least Perry’s last notorious album track prior to this, “Ur So Gay”, had gotten its reputation from some actual controversy, which is still probably more respectable than just being a world-class laughingstock. This song somehow managed to get legally played on the radio, despite being so blunt in its sexual innuendos that it actually explicitly says and repeats the offending word (‘cock’, for those who are wondering) that it’s supposed to merely allude to. It never got any success to speak of on the mainstream charts, but it was one of the many bizarre things to make Number One on the Club Dance charts, otherwise known as the musical Kingdom of the Damned.

Verdict: Bad.

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