“Crazy Chick” by Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church spent her childhood and teen years recording Classical and Semiclassical pieces, and while she was very much part of the Pop-Oriented “Classical Crossover” market, she really was exceptionally good at it (they didn’t dub her “The Voice of an Angel” for nothing). Unfortunately, the moment she became old enough to make her own creative decisions, she abandoned her Classical repertoire for teen-oriented Pop music. This might not have seemed like such a step down if her new songs had been on the level of, say, Taylor Swift, but this flagrantly inane Bubblegum is the kind of thing you’d hear from Cher Lloyd, or maybe Selena Gomez on an off day. This fiercely embarrassing song, which was the lead single from the album, features idiotic lyrics that sound like a female version of Dierks Bentley’s “5-1-5-0” married to production that Justin Bieber would have rejected as too cheesy. The fact that Church went from singing Puccini arias to this schlock is mortifying, and her “change of style” might well be the saddest case of a musician ‘selling out’ in the last twenty years.

Verdict: Bad.

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