“Drunk on a Plane” by Dierks Bentley

I have no idea why an obviously talented guy like Dierks Bentley keeps releasing absolutely putrid songs like this one. In spite of being one of the songs that originally introduced an undercurrent of heartbreak and desperation to the ‘Bro-Country’ genre (something that would ultimately be responsible for most of the genre’s few tolerable songs/albums), this is one of the very worst ‘Bro-Country’ hits of 2014, and if you know anything about the state of Country Music in that year, I think you’ll appreciate the weight of that statement. Lady Antebellum’s “Bartender” had managed to make the same basic concept genuinely heartbreaking, but any attempts at pathos here are lost when the singer recounts how he ‘Got a little mile-high flight attention’ from a stewardess. Also, the reference to “Like a G6” was just uncalled-for…we were just starting to forget that five-year-old abomination at that point, thank you very much. We know from items like the song “Home” and his Bluegrass album Up on the Ridge that Bentley has genuine talent, so there’s really no excuse for why he keeps putting out such utterly appalling songs as “5-1-5-0”, “Say You Do”, “Somewhere on a Beach”, and this piece of smug, meatheaded garbage.

Verdict: Bad.

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