“Fuck Your God” by Deicide

Deicide, like Cannibal Corpse, are one of the most famous bands in the Death Metal genre because their asinine behavior and image has at least gotten the mainstream public’s attention, even though they are one of the weakest prominent bands in the genre. Moreover, this song was recorded deep in their ‘slump’ period, at which point they were about as incompetent as Death Metal gets. This song was literally used as a method of torture by U.S. forces in Iraq (that is not a joke…they piped it into the prisoners’ cells to prevent them from sleeping and generally induce nervous tension), so obviously I had to review it to see if it lives up to the level of awfulness that implies. And frankly, I can see it. The music sounds like a bad video game soundtrack punctuated with annoying sound effects, and the ‘singing’ sounds uncannily like the sound of someone vomiting. The only lyrics that are actually intelligible are the title phrase, “Fuck your God”, which is typical of the cheap, juvenile religion-baiting shock value that characterizes most of this band’s lyrics…imagine the most obnoxious type of militant atheist found on internet forums, and give him a guitar, and you pretty much have Deicide. I’m not an admirer of the other most publicly notorious Death Metal act, Cannibal Corpse, but even their worst songs (such as “Necropedophile”) look downright classy compared to this nightmare.

Verdict: So yes, this is a song so bad it can literally, without hyperbole, be used for torture purposes, and it ranks right behind Anal Cunt’s “Your Kid Committed Suicide Because You Suck” as one of the worst things I have ever reviewed in any capacity.

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