“God Is Dead?” by Black Sabbath

2013 was a truly great year for Heavy Metal albums, featuring such gems as Deafhaven’s Sunbather, Carcass’ Surgical Steel, Queens of the Stone Age’s …Like Clockwork, and the much-anticipated reunion album of the original Black Sabbath lineup. Ozzy Osbourne had basically turned into a ridiculous cartoon version of himself over the years, but here, reunited with most of his original band, he makes what has to be considered one Hell of a comeback (no pun intended). This song really does resemble the slow, ominous sound of the band’s classic era, and Osbourne actually manages to recapture some of the compelling, anguished intensity of his early work. He actually sounds like the tortured soul who sang on the early Sabbath albums again, which is nothing short of miraculous (which I guess answers the question in the song’s title in and of itself).

Verdict: Kind of amazingly good, actually.

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