“Meant To Be” by Bebe Rhexa and Florida Georgia Line

This song is not particularly distinguished, but I’m having something of a hard time understanding why it’s received such an extreme level of vitriol from the internet critics. It’s a pleasant enough piece of radio filler, mellow and euphonious, and it’s certainly the best thing Florida Georgia Line have released since their first album (not that that constitutes any great distinction given the dismal quality of their work during that interim, but it’s worth remembering the duo have done much worse than this).

It’s a bit on the bland side, but it pulls off the relaxing vibe FGL are attempting without descending into the blatantly noxious worthlessness of, say, “Sun Daze”. It’s not remotely close to any kind of authentic Country, but neither is anything else FGL has ever released, so I don’t really understand the passionate anger some people seem to feel over this particular song being labelled “Country” by the perennially clueless Billboard charts.

At any rate, this song is nowhere near as bad as the biggest “Country” hits on the Billboard charts in the previous two years (Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Back Road” in 2017 and FGL’s own “H.O.L.Y.” in 2016), and it’s certainly superior to this year’s preeminent Pop-Country hit, the grotesque Country-Rap hybrid “Old Town Road”. So while there is infinitely better Country music being made that the charts and Country radio are ignoring, and that’s certainly a thing worth getting mad over, I don’t really understand why this specific song has become such a focal point for hatred.

Verdict: Not great by any means, but harmless enough, and certainly nothing to get upset over.

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