“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship

Ah, yes, Starship, the cheesy soft rock dregs of what had once been one of the greatest bands of all time. Jefferson Airplane were genuine rock’n’roll geniuses, and their successors, Jefferson Starship, still had their moments, such as the classic album Red Octopus. But this is pretty much the only song this incarnation of the band would release that didn’t outright suck (okay, “Sara” is nice enough, but that’s about it). This was their only real enduring hit apart from the decisively horrible “We Built This City”, and while it doesn’t sound anything like a Jefferson Airplane song, it does prove that a remaining bandmembers still had just a hint of their old genius left. This is one of the most inspirational pop songs of all time, sort of the “Livin’ On A Prayer” of Soft Rock. In fact, I think this might be a reasonably convincing contender for the best Soft Rock hit of the Eighties. Granted, given the quality of most Soft Rock in that decade, that’s not as big a superlative as it sounds, but it’s still a lofty claim to be able to make for a group like Starship, no matter how illustrious their long-distant past may have been.

Verdict: Good

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