“Panda” by Desiigner

This was another single in the ‘Hook Artist’ vein, and while I maintain that, despite what some may claim, this genre is a valid and interesting field, I have to admit that every genre has hierarchies, and this was not an especially distinguished or memorable example of the form. It had some reasonably decent atmosphere, but it didn’t approach the level of Future, or Young Thug’s better material, or even ILoveMakonnen’s hit “Tuesday”. And frankly, the only reason this charted is because it was sampled heavily in a song called “Pt. 2” from Kanye West’s then-new album The Life of Pablo, which he made, for reasons best known to himself, extremely difficult to purchase via legal means. And while The Life of Pablo was undoubtedly Kanye’s weakest album up to that point, the fact remains that this material sounds vastly more interesting in the context of “Pt. 2” than in its original form, making the success of this version feel suspiciously like a case of ‘poor man’s substitute’.

Verdict: Mediocre at best.

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