“Somethin’ Bad” by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood

This song sounded like a godsend on paper…a legit country artist famous for her songwriting prowess working with a powerhouse voice with a tendency to be let down by her usual material, in an era of Country Music so soaked in testosterone that a duet between two of its best-known female performers seemed like an antidote to all its woes. But the actual result was an embarrassing catastrophe that sounded more like a bad imitation of mediocre Eighties hard rock styles than a country song (which,, as a number people pointed out at the time, made it sound quite a bit like a standard-issue Bro-Country song that just happened to be delivered by women). This was Lambert’s first truly awful single up to that point (and thankfully, apart from this song’s unsuccessful follow-up “Little Red Wagon”, it would pretty much prove to be her last), but frankly, even Underwood’s usual stuff at that time was generally better than this.

Verdict: Bad.

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