“The View” by Lou Reed and Metallica

This song, like rest of of the Lulu album, consists of Lou Reed reciting impenetrably dense spoken poetry over a repeating instrumental backdrop by Metallica. I will readily admit that the result is completely incomprehensible, and I have no idea whatsoever what effect Reed was going for here. That said, the last time Lou Reed made an impenetrably strange album that literally everyone seemed to hate, it turned out to be a groundbreaking masterpiece and the foundation of an entire new genre twenty years later…it was called Metal Machine Music. So, given that this was the last artistic testament Reed would leave to the world before his death, I’m going to hedge my bets in case this piece of seemingly insane gibberish gets decoded into a masterpiece in the coming decades. You may laugh, but no-one expected Metal Machine Music to get vindicated by history, either, so I’m keeping my mouth shut on this one for now.

Verdict: I’m going to let history decide this one, okay?

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