“Under the Moon” by Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse may or may not actually be the worst rappers of all time, but they’re certainly the worst anyone reading this entry is likely to recognize by name. The Great Milenko is their most well-known album, mostly because it was the one released during their brief window of mainstream popularity, and while saying it’s their best album isn’t really saying much, there are two or three tracks on it, such as the bitter “Hall of Illusions” or the religious satire “Hellelujah”, where the duo rise above their usual idiocy and deliver something with some degree of actual merit. This chilling story-song may be the best of those tracks, and is certainly the closest ICP has ever come to being frightening. It still features several poor decisions and clumsy word choices, but for once they completely abandon their attempts at ‘comedy’ and attempt to tell a serious story. They really do make you feel the agony and desperation of this guy spending a lifetime behind bars because of a senseless act of attempted vengeance for a girl who abandoned him, and the passages where he obsesses over her are genuinely creepy. Yes, what he did was clearly incredibly stupid and unnecessary, and it’s understandable that the girl in question decided not to spend her life pining for him, but I think in this case the song actually knows the former (probably not the latter, admittedly, given the pair’s reputation for misogyny, but it’s ICP; you can’t expect miracles). Some people have complained about the beat, which sound exactly like the spooky-campy sound they use on all their other songs, but it kind of works on a weird level…it sounds like even the beat is mocking this guy’s pain.

Verdict: This song isn’t great by ordinary standards, but it’s so far above ICP’s usual quality level that it almost sounds like someone else’s song.

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