“Ass Like That” by Eminem

Eminem has openly admitted that the era of his career that produced this single was his absolute low point. He was reportedly grappling with an addiction to prescription drugs that nearly killed him, and apparently that crisis also led him to write a string of incredibly stupid and juvenile songs. This song was apparently Eminem’s attempt to get his own back after being insulted by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (though in a clearly tongue-in-cheek way, as the aforementioned puppet was actually featured in the video). Eminem is usually quite adept at that kind of retaliatory skewering, but all he could come up with here was writing verses that entailed Triumph (represented by Eminem doing the puppet’s trademark fake accent) being arrested for various lewd and disgusting things, built around a chorus that features what are probably the stupidest lyrics Eminem has ever written for anything (“It makes my peepee go ‘Doing, doing, doing’!”). Eminem has since apologized profusely to fans for this song and the album that contained it, but even at the time, he seemed to be aware on some level of how embarrassing this song was, as he closes the track by having Dr. Dre shout, “The fuck is wrong with you?!” I can only echo that sentiment.

Verdict: Bad

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