“Behind Blue Eyes” by Limp Bizkit

Despite this cover’s reputation as a horrific decesration of the Who’s original, it’s not really as terrible as it sounds, and in fact is probably the best thing Limp Bizkit ever recorded (not that there’s much competition for that title). The fact remains that the song itself is light-years ahead of their usual material, and in spite of the hoards of Rock fans that (perhaps understandably) considered the mere idea of Limp Bizkit covering the Who to be tantamount to blasphemy, Fred Durst does appear to be taking the song seriously, and his singing here is slightly better than on most of the band’s other songs. I wouldn’t go too far to defend this…it’s still a rather dull, by-the-numbers cover, and certainly comparing it with the original is like comparing Van Gogh’s Starry Night to the scribblings of an average four-year-old. But a mediocre cover of a great song is still much better than most of Limp Bizkit’s output.

Verdict: Mediocre at best, but by Limp Bizkit’s standards, it might as well be a masterpiece.

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