“Miracles” by Insane Clown Posse

This is a song by the most cartoonishly violent rap act of the Nineties…about all the little miracles in life that we don’t notice every day. It is, in all honesty, the funniest thing you’ll ever hear in your life, which is why it became one of the first Youtube camp sensations and produced a particularly pervasive meme with the ‘Fuckin’ magnets, how do they work’ line. Granted, this kind of bizarre attempt at religious commentary isn’t really a new thing for this legendary pair of idiots, as one of their members is a weirdly devout Christian and they’ve been mixing messages between songs about ax-murderers and songs about God and the afterlife throughout their career, even proclaiming on one of their albums that the entire ‘Dark Carnival’ mythos that formed the basis for their first seven albums was a metaphor for Christianity. Still, most of those songs at least retained an appropriately belligerent tone, as opposed to the saccharinely inspirational effect they’re going for here. This is easily the most enjoyable of the idiotic viral camp ‘hits’ of the 2010s (“Gangnam Style” doesn’t count, since it became an actual hit as a song), but being unintentionally hilarious doesn’t let it off the hook for being so unbelievably stupid. That said, it’s probably the only one of those songs I’d recommend listening to—seriously, if you haven’t heard it, seek it out. Even if you have no idea who these guys are, I guarantee you will laugh your ass off.

Verdict: Enjoyably bad, but I’m reasonably sure that wasn’t the intent here.

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