“One Way or Another/Teenage Kicks” by OneDirection

Here, One Direction attempt a medley cover of two Punk/New-Wave songs. It was intended as a charity single, so I’m sure their intentions were good. But Blondie’s “One Way Or Another” is a stalker song and the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks” is about underage sex, and it’s clear that One Direction has completely failed to grasp either of these facts, electing to perform the songs in exactly the same way they performed the vapid teenybopper pop that was their stock-in-trade at the time. They would start improving significantly almost immediately after this, ironically with a retro-Classic Rock sound theoretically not that different from this, but this stands as one last relic of their embarrassing early period. It is also another addition, along with the “We Are the World” remake and the X-Factor versions of “Heroes” and “Wishing On a Star”, to the growing list of 2010s charity singles that are complete and utter disasters.

Verdict: Bad.

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