“Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus

This song has an unconvincing lyric full of awkward rhymes and Miley Cyrus’ terribly shrill vocals working against it, but it also has a terrifically catchy pop-music blast of a tune (thanks mostly to the contribution of the talented Jessica Cornish, better known to audiences these days as Jessie J). It’s far less interesting than the strikingly similar song released by Demi Lovato the same year, “La La Land”, but it’s still probably Cyrus’ best single to date…I mean, what exactly is going to compete with it? And it did become the basis for a beloved Weird Al parody. Sometimes one of the functions of Weird Al’s works is simply to give us better lyrics and vocals so we can enjoy an already-great tune, and “Party In the CIA” is one of those times.

Verdict: Not perfect, but still better than just about anything else Cyrus ever released.

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